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Aniki // Big-Brother  
25th-Feb-2012 12:21 pm
Cute Chibi
Title : Aniki // Big-Brother 
Author : hizaki92 (me)
Pairing : Chinen Yuri X OC
Genre : PG-13

SUMMARY : Chinen Yuzaki and Chinen Yuri were brothers with the ages 17 and 14. They have been living together since their parents died in a car accident a few years back. The court wanted to appoint Chinen to a foster family but Yuzaki pleaded so that he could take care of his brother. At first, the court refused the his pleading but eventually gave him the permission to take care of Chinen with condition that Yuzaki must report back every month to the court with their financial expenditure. But one day....

Important Note :
To avoid any surname problems, Chinen Yuzaki will be called Yuzaki and Chinen Yuri will be called Chinen. The other names will be describe with their respective surnames. :) 


" Yuri! Get your ass down here!! You're gonna make both of us late!! " Yuzaki shouted to his younger brother Chinen who was upstairs.

" Matte aniki! I haven't finish doing my hair! " Chinen replied to his brother from upstairs.

" One day I'm gonna kill that kid~~ " Yuzaki thought to himself followed by a facepalm to his forehead.

Chinen Yuzaki and Chinen Yuri were brothers whose ages were 17 and 14. They have been living together since their parents died in a car accident a few years back. The court wanted to send Chinen to a foster family but Yuzaki pleaded that he could take care of his brother. At first, the court refused his pleading but eventually gave him the permission to take care of Chinen on condition that Yuzaki must report back every month to the court regarding their financial expenditure. 

With love for his brother as Yuzaki's supporter, he works part-time jobs after school just to make sure that he and his brother could live a normal life although they had no more parents. Yuzaki never likes to depend on anyone for help if it was not necessary. It was very obvious to people that Yuzaki loved Chinen more than he had loved his own self. Yuzaki rarely uses his hard earned money on himself. He will always prioritize his little brother first before himself. 

On the other hand, Chinen was almost the exact opposite of Yuzaki. Chinen loved and always count on Yuzaki for help. He will always go to Yuzaki to find shelter and comfort when he needed them. Chinen's favorite thing to do was to lay his head on Yuzaki's lap and cry out to him when he was sad. If he was not sad, he would just lay his head on Yuzaki's lap to find comfort from his only brother. 

" Yuri!! Oi! Yuri!! " Yuzaki shouted and he went upstairs when he heard no reply from his younger brother.

Yuzaki opened the door to his brother's room and to his surprise, he saw Chinen sleeping soundly on his bed. Yuzaki, filled with anger went to Chinen's side and bent near his ears. " YURIIIIIII!!!!!! " 

" Huh?! What?! What?! " Chinen woke up in shock and looked around panic. When he saw Yuzaki's face on his side, he shouted out loud, " Aaaaaa!! Ghost!! "

" Yeah~ I've returned from the dead to haunt you! " Yuzaki joked and hit Chinen's head.

" Itte!! What's that for?! " Chinen asked while rubbing the area of his head that Yuzaki hit.

" That's for making me wait like a buffoon just now! Come on! It's late! " Yuzaki replied.

" Ah! Gomen gomen.. This bed is just heavenly Aki-nii~~ " Chinen said as he laid his back on the bed while spreading his arms on the mattress.

" Yu....... RIII!!!!!! " Yuzaki screamed in anger after watching what Chinen was doing.

" Hai! Hai! Hai!! I'm up! I'm up! " Chinen jumped of the bed and ran downstairs after hearing Yuzaki's scream. Once Chinen reached downstairs, Chinen called for his brother " Aniki!! Hayaku! We're gonna be late!! Hahaha!! "

" That boy... " Yuzaki said to himself and ran downstairs to catch his brother.

Yuzaki ran down the stairs and when Chinen saw his brother running down he began panicking. In his panic state, Chinen tried to tie his shoelaces but he was too panic to even grab the laces. Suddenly, Chinen felt breathing on his neck. Chinen turned around and saw Yuzaki's face right in-front of his.

" Come here you brat! " Yuzaki said and pulled Chinen to him and began tickling him around his waist. 

" Ahahahaha! Yamet.. Ahahahaha!! Yam.. Ahahahaha!! Yamette~~~ AAaaaa~~~hhahahaha!! " Chinen laughed while trying to ask his brother to stop tickling him.

After a few minutes of tickling, Yuzaki stopped and both he and Chinen sat on the floor near the entrance.

" Yuri.. You do know that I love you right? " Yuzaki suddenly asked his little brother at his side.

" Of course I know.. " Chinen replied as he buried his head into Yuzaki's lap " Please don't ask me that again... " tears were about to slide out  of Chinen's eyes.

" Hmmph.. " Yuzaki said as he stroked Chinen's hair softly " What say you if we skip school today and go to the theme park? " Yuzaki suddenly asked Chinen.

" EH?! " Chinen sat up straight away and looked at his brother, " Are you serious nii-chan? " Chinen asked with a very curious face.

" Yupe! The offer stands for 5 sec, 4, 3... " Yuzaki started counting backwards from 5 just to make Chinen make up his mind.

" Eh?! Eh?! Fine fine!! " Chinen replied quickly and then jumped to Yuzaki, " Arigatou.. Nii-chan.. "

" Hurry up! Go change.. I'll wait in the living room.. " Yuzaki said to Chinen with a warm smile while messing up his hair.

" Nii-chan.. Yamette.. You know how long it took me to do my hair?? " Chinen pouted.

" Hahahaha~ Come here! " Yuzaki pulled Chinen to him and started to tickle Chinen again, this time he tickled a little bit more than before.

" Aaaaa!! Yamet... Aaa~hahaha!! Aaa~~haaahahaha!! Tassuk.. Hahaha!!! HELP!! " Chinen laughed with various voices and languages.

Yuzaki released Chinen and asked him to get change. As Chinen ran upstairs, Yuzaki went to his parents shrine near the kitchen and looked at both of his parent's pictures. Suddenly, his eyes started tearing up and some tears began flowing down.

" Papa... Mama... I miss you guys... I don't know how long I can stay strong for Yuri....... " Yuzaki said as he wiped away his tears.

Chinen overheard what his brother said from behind the wall separating the living room and the entrance hall. Without hesitation, he ran towards his brother who was already on his knees and hugged him tight, " Nii-chan..... *cries out loud* "

" I'm sorry Yuri.. I shouldn't have let you see me like this.. " Yuzaki said while trying to comfort Chinen by patting his back.

" Iie~ You've done lots for me nii-chan.. I'm just a spoiled brat.. " Chinen cried.

Yuzaki pulled Chinen up to his knees and then he looked into those sparkling puppy looking eyes and hugged him tight. Both of them cried for a few minutes and then Yuzaki asked Chinen whether he was ready and Chinen said he didn't want to go anymore cause he didn't want to trouble his brother anymore. 

" Hold on! I'll go change. " Yuzaki ignored what Chinen said and went to his room to change.

As Yuzaki was changing his clothes, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. Yuzaki grabbed the shirt in his chest area and fell to his knees. " Not now... Please... " Yuzaki told himself.

The pain was becoming more excruciating painful. He tried to pull himself up using the study table as his support but the pain was too much for him and he fell. Yuzaki started tearing up and he began gasping for air.

" Yu.. ri.. Yu.... " Yuzaki tried to call Chinen but he felt as if his throat was crushed, making him unable to call for his younger brother.

" Eh? Did someone call for me? " Chinen who was downstairs felt as if someone was calling for him then the house bell rang.

Chinen went to the front door and when he opened it, he saw his best-friends Yamada, Okamoto and Nakajima standing outside his house. " Eh? What are you guys doing here? " he asked.

" We waited for you but you didn't show up. So we were worried. " Yamada said.

" Yeah~ Realizing we were late, we decided to skip school. Hehehe~ " Okamoto added.

" Wanna go to the mall? " Nakajima asked Chinen.

" I'm gonna go to the theme park with Yuzaki-nii-chan.. But I dunno why he hasn't come down yet.. He is never this late changing clothes. " Chinen said.

Yamada told Chinen that something might had happen. Hearing that, Chinen got furious and started scolding Yamada to not say  something like that. At the same time, Chinen was worried himself. He ran upstairs and then he screamed. The others who were outside, heard the scream and ran up to see what had happened. Upon reaching Chinen's room, the three of them could see Chinen on the floor trying to wake Yuzaki up.

" Nii-chan.. Nii.. chan... " Chinen said in tears.

" Keito! Call an ambulance! Go! Now! And Yuto, get some towels and a pail of water! "Yamada instructed Okamoto and Nakajima.

Yamada knew what to do cause his father was a surgeon at one of the hospitals in Tokyo. Nakajima gave Yamada the towels and he began dipping it into the pail and placed it on top of Yuzaki's forehead.

" Chii.. We need to give him space.. " Yamada said to Chinen.

Being traumatized by his parents death, Chinen didn't want to leave Yuzaki's side. Nakajima had to pull him out and it wasn't easy as Chinen was fighting hard trying not to be separated from his brother.

" Chii.. Chii!! Relax!! " Nakajima said to Chinen

Eventually Chinen calmed down and he hugged Nakajima still in tears. After approximately 20 minutes, the ambulance arrived and they brought Yuzaki to the hospital. Chinen followed Yuzaki in the back of the ambulance and as he saw his brother laying down with no movement, he broke down. Chinen started crying and one of the paramedics said that he can hold Yuzaki's hand if he wanted to. Hearing that, Chinen straight away took Yuzaki's hand and kissed it. 

" Nii-chan.. Don't leave me... I'm scared.... Plea... " Chinen wasn't able to finish the sentence as he broke into tears. He had never felt as scared as he was at that moment.

Arriving at the hospital, Chinen had to wait at the waiting hall as his brother was brought into the Emergency Room. Chinen sat alone in the hallowed hall with just his tears accompanying him. After a few minutes, Mr. Yamada, Yamada, Okamoto and Nakajima arrived.

" Chii~ My dad will go ask what's happening.. Relax.. " Yamada comfort Chinen.

" I'll do my best Chinen-kun.. You and your brother are like sons to me.. " Mr. Yamada said to Chinen.

Mr. Yamada went in and left the boys to wait for him at the waiting hall. After almost half an hour, the emergency light turned off and Mr. Yamada came out and walked slowly towards them.

" Be strong Chinen-kun..... I'm sorry.. " Mr. Yamada told Chinen with tears of his own.

" Otto-san! What happened? " Yamada asked his father.

" Yuzaki-kun was suffering from lung-cancer for quite some time now. He never told anyone I guess. Even I didn't know until I went in there. He is passing soon..... " Mr. Yamada replied his son.

Chinen who heard what Mr. Yamada said fell to his knees and screamed like he had never screamed before. He started punching the floor as hard as possible and his hand began turning red. Nakajima tried to stop him but he got punched instead. Chinen finally stopped when a nurse from the Emergency Room said that Yuzaki wanted to meet him. All of them walked in the room and there he was, Yuzaki was on the bed strapped with all sorts of wires with machines trying to keep him alive as long as possible. Chinen ran to his side and held his hand.

" Yu... Ri..... " Yuzaki said as he removed the oxygen mask that was making him difficult to speak.

" Nii-chan.... " Chinen cried.

" I'm... sor... ry.... If I... *cough* wasn't si... ck.. We... would... have been.. at the the..me.. park... *cough* " Yuzaki tried his best to speak to his brother for the last time.

" No! If I wasn't so stupid, I would have noticed that you were sick!! Nii-chan! Please don't leave me!! I don't have anyone else!! You're my only brother.... Ple...a...s..e... " Chinen cried.

" Don't.. say.. that... I'm happy... when.. I... *cough blood* " Yuzaki's sentence was halted by a cough of blood.

" Nii-chan?!?!  Sensei! Help him! " Chinen asked the doctors.

" It was his wish to allow him to pass his final moments without any attempt of resurrection.. I'm sorry Chinen-kun.. " Mr. Yamada said.

" Yu..ri.. Ma..ke.. sure.. to.. sm..i..l...e.. al...wa...ys.... I... lo..v.. " Yuzaki drew his last breath before finishing his sentence. 

" Nii-chan?! Nii-chan?!?! YUZAKI-NII-CHAN!!!!!! " Chinen scream as he laid his face on his brother's body.


Two days have past since Yuzaki passed away. Chinen stayed at his house still with help from Mr. Yamada being his guardian. As Chinen was about to leave his room, he looked at the bed beside his and remembered the time when he used to cuddle into Yuzaki when he had nightmares. He walked back into the room heading to Yuzaki's bed and sat on it. Chinen was now alone with no one in his life. He lay back on the bed and felt something under the pillow. Chinen took it and saw an envelope with his name on it. He took out the content of the letter and he saw a cd with a written letter. Chinen took the letter and began reading it.

" Yuri..

Since Mama and Papa died, you have been my most precious treasure in this world. I would risk my life for you as long as I know you're safe and happy. I'm guessing that by the time you're reading this, I'm already at a place that's far from you. I'm sorry for leaving you behind, it was never my intention to do so. If it was possible, I would like to see you get married, grow old and do lots of thing with you. My greatest wish is to go to a theme park with you. I've been to lot of theme parks but you haven't. You were always the shortest in everything, every time papa wanted to take me to the theme park, you would always be left with mama at home. I've watch lots of people spending time with their brothers at theme parks, that's why I wanted you to feel the same as well. You may sometimes be a pain in the ass you know.. Haha~ But I don't really mind.. Without you, my life would have been empty and boring. I love it when you make me mad cause I'll have the time to tickle you. Seeing your smile and laughter can light up someone's life, especially mine. Every time you smile and laughed with me, I would always forget that I'm sick. Speaking of sick, I'm sorry for not telling you. If I told you, you would have refused to go to any school activities due to our financial problems. Don't be sad Yuri, I don't regret a single day that I missed my treatment. It's all because of you! Seeing you happy, playing with you, being there for you was the best moments of my life. With this letter, you can find a CD. The CD has the recordings of our times together. I secretly recorded the videos so that you'd remember the fun we used to have. I don't want you to change when I'm gone. I want you to stay the same and make people happy. I'll always be with you Yuri. Wanna know why? Remember when I asked you if you could become anything, what would you wanna become and you answered you wanted to be a priest so that you can vanquish the devil. I laughed my ass out remembering that. But I told you that if I were to be given the same chance, I would like to become the air so that I can always be by you. So Yuri, don't be sad. If you are, just watch the CD and I want you to know.. I will always love you 'kid'.. Jya~~


Chinen read the letter with tears mixed with a few small laughters. He then put the CD in the player and saw all the moments they had together. He then remembered that he once promised Yuzaki that he wanted to be a doctor so that he could save people's lives. He shut the t.v and went to the shrine in his living room. He paid respect to his mother and father and finally he looked at Yuzaki's picture and bowed in-front of it. He said his thank you to Yuzaki and left the house.

As he was walking down the street, he remembered that he and Yuzaki were supposed to be going to a theme park the day Yuzaki died. Chinen ran back home, changed his clothes and took the letter Yuzaki wrote and ran out from the house. 

" Nii-chan.. I will grant you your wish.. We will go to the theme park TOGETHER... " Chinen said to himself.


A/N : 
- I haven't wrote in a while, just trying to get my touch back. I hope you guys like it.. :)
- Leave a comment!! :D
- I think it's boring cause I myself think it's boring. :(
- Chinen icon thanks to, animemangahsj @ tumblr 

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OMGOD. T_______T





25th-Feb-2012 05:46 am (UTC)
that was fast!!
thanks for reading.. :D
i'm the nii-chan. :(

btw, this is a one-shot dear.. :'(
i'll try to turn it to chapters if i may

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i will try to see what idea i can come up with.. :)
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excuse me while i cry myself for a few moments
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aaaw.. :'(
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*cries on your lap like chii*

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it's your choice my imouto.. ;) ♥
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ah~! that sounds really nice :D NIICHAN~!
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Heartwarming story :)

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thnx!! :)
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Wow.. this really tugs at my heartstrings
It's so sad but touching at the end.
25th-Feb-2012 12:42 pm (UTC)
thanks for reading.. :)
glad you like it.. :)
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sorry for making you cry and thanks for reading.. :)
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The story is nice. But I don't like this. Why did Yuzaki have to die in the end. >.< It's just not right. :(
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you did a very good job in this one-shot.
but still, You left chii alone.
hurm, you wanted to be the one bringing chii to a theme park.
but in the end, chii brought you there.
chii loves you so much!
thanks for making me happy!
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welcome.. :D ♥
and yeah..
i know..
i felt bad for leaving him.. :'(
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