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A White Christmas  
23rd-Mar-2012 01:07 pm
Nose Picking
Title : A White Christmas
Main Characters : Chinen Yuri & Okamoto Keito
Type : One-Shot
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Friendship

NOTE : This fiction has nothing to do with neither the living or the dead. It is 100% fan-made.

SUMMARY : On the night of Christmas Eve, Okamoto told the truth to his bandmates. Leaving Chinen stunned with the truth told. What will this Christmas be for both Chinen and Okamoto?


Blue skies were not in sight as a blanket of grey clouds was covering them. The weather was bitingly cold accompanied by tiny raindrops. People were seen wearing thick layers while holding a cup of warm water to help them fight the cold weather. Not far from Central Fashion District of Japan, stood Johnny's Entertainment's rehearsal hall. Amazingly, on the night of Christmas Eve, the hall was still being used, and the band that was using them was no other than the currently uprising band, Hey! Say! JUMP.

" Minna! Let's have a 7 night out? " Chinen asked his bandmates.

" Hurmm.. I think that's a good idea? We haven't done that since Ryutaro left... And it's Christmas Eve tonight! " Yamada said and smile.

" I think so too, what do you think Okamoto-kun? " Nakajima replied and asked Okamoto.

" Urgh? Sure sure.. But I'll have to go back first.. " Okamoto replied.

" You can just change here? We have a toilet here you know... " Nakajima said.

" It's not that.. But I have to take my ATM card.. I left it at home.. " 

" Sure sure.. Make sure you come back here in time! " Chinen said with a serious tone.

Okamoto nodded and left, leaving the other members. The BEST members knew that they were not invited since it was a 7's night out. So the BEST members took their leave and went back to their respective homes. Before leaving, Yabu was the only that had an advice. An advice given his younger group mates.

" Take care of each other.. You guys are meant to be a group.. " Yabu said and left.

Half an hour passed, Chinen, Yamada and Nakajima were still waiting for one of their members, Okamoto. Suddenly, Nakajima's phone rang and he picked it up. Okamoto called Nakajima and said that he'll be waiting for them at the restaurant. Nakajima told Chinen and Yamada about what Okamoto said and they left the hall heading for the restaurant.


Upon reaching the crossing in-front of Shibuya109, they could see Okamoto across the street leaning on a wall beside the restaurant entrance while listening to an iPod. When the crossing light turned green, the three of them walked across and greeted Okamoto. After a not so formal greeting, they entered the restaurant and after being seated, a waitress with a pink french maid outfit gave them the menu and walked away, giving them time to discuss what they wanted to eat.

" Let's see... Ostrich Steak, Aussie Steak, Sirloin Steak... Hurmm... " Chinen wondered around the menu, looking for the dish that he wanted.

" What can I get for the four masters today? " another waitress this time in a cute anime outfit asked what they wanted.

" I'll have the Beef Tenderloin medium cooked with Sautéed Mushroom and a Strawberry Sunset Tea please.. " Okamoto said his choice and gave the waitress his menu.

" We'll have two of the Broiled Steak with Sweet Corn and as for our beverages, we'll have Pink Lemonade.. Oh! Please make sure the beef is well-done.. " Yamada said while he ordered for Nakajima as well.

" Hurmm.. Let's see.... What should I have.... " Chinen was still unable to make up his mind.

" I'll order for you Chinen-kun... " Okamoto said as he tapped Chinen shoulder and told the waitress what he thought Chinen wanted,

" He'll have the New York Beef Strip with Bacon and Mashed Potato and as for the drink, he'll have a Chocolate Shake with Caramel Topping. "

" Hai~ I'll pass your dishes to the chef.. " the waitress said with a very cute wink and left.

" Eh?! How did you know I was gonna order that? " Chinen asked Okamoto with an eyebrow raised.

" It's just a guess Chinen-kun.. " Okamoto replied with a sad tone.

Their dishes arrived and they ate their food. While they were eating, Chinen, Nakajima and Yamada laughed and talked all sorts of things but Okamoto kept quiet the whole way. Nakajima being the peacemaker, realized that something was wrong with Okamoto. After they were full and the table was cleaned by the waitresses, Nakajima confronted Okamoto.

" Are you okay Okamoto-kun? " Nakajima asked.

" Yeah~~ You seem a lil. bit down.. " Yamada said.

It was ovbvious that Okamoto was hiding something but the other 3 members were unable to figure out what. Although Okamoto was not the talkative guy, he would usually be the one that seeks attention from his other members. For Chinen, Nakajima and Yamada, the Okamoto that was infront of them was definitely hiding something. Being the bold one, Chinen asked Okamoto.

" Hey~ Come on Mr. Muscles.. Dou shita no? " Chinen asked as he skidded his chair nearer to Okamoto.

" Iie.. Daijoubu... " Okamoto replied while trying to avoid eye contacts with Chinen.

" Keito-chan~~~~~~~~ Oshiete! Oshiete! " Chinen kept forcing Okamoto while emphasizing the honorific '-chan' to Okamoto's name.

Upon hearing what Chinen called him, small streams of tears slipped the hold of Okamoto eyelids. Okamoto squinted his eyes forcing himself to ignore what was going on but it was just impossible for him. He stood and as he was about to leave the table, he felt someone grabbing his arms.

" Keito? Daijoubu? Dou shita no? " Chinen asked while he looked at Okamoto with a caring face.

" Fine... You wanna know? We used to be close friends Yuri! We were in the Juniors together and we spent most of our Junior times together. We used to have sleepovers and we used to hang out together! When you joined the temporary 7, I was happy for you! I've always known that you have what it takes to go far in the business! But... Ever since you joined the temporary 7, we started to grew apart.. I've lost your friendship.... When the formation of JUMP was announced and I was chosen to be in it as well, only god knows how happy I felt, thinking that I can be friends with you again. Sadly, that was only a dream dreamt by a naive person like me. I've already lost you to Yama-chan... No disrespect intended Yama-chan.. " Okamoto apologized to Yamada

" None taken.. " Yamada replied.

" And ever since I joined JUMP, I was the black sheep of the group and I was being ignored most of the time. Ryutaro was my friend after I joined. Since he left, I was left alone. Yabu-san does talk to me sometimes but he is always busy with his group activities. Yuto-kun was the next nicest person to me. What happened Yuri?? We were... We.. I... I... " Okamoto was trying to pull himself together as he was breaking down.

" Keito.... " Nakajima said as he looked at his crying friend.

Upon hearing what Okamoto said, Chinen suddenly had a mini flashback. It was true that since Morimoto was suspended, Okamoto has been keeping to himself. He then remembered the time when he was in the 'Juniors'. Okamoto was his best-friend and Okamoto has been with him every step of the journey until he was given the opportunity to join the 'temporary Hey! Say! 7' group. After Chinen joined the 'temporary Hey! Say! 7', his relationship with Okamoto was severed as Chinen was getting closer to Yamada.

Yamada was Chinen's first friend when he first arrived in Tokyo from Shizouka but since Yamada was in 'Kitty Jr.' and Chinen was in the 'Juniors', they couldn't interact as much. When the temporary Hey! Say! 7 group was announced, the original members were, Chinen, Yamada, Nakajima, Takaki and Arioka. When Yamada and Chinen were in the same group together, it was the opportunity for them to get closer. Sadly, the closer Chinen and Yamada got, the further Okamoto was from Chinen.

" Keito-chan.... I... " Chinen halted when Okamoto looked at him and said, " Yuri... Thanks for everything.. Bye... "

Okamoto ran out the restaurant door with tears. The three members who were still left in the restaurant were left in silence. Chinen started tearing up and he went to the toilet, leaving Nakajima and Yamada at the table. Nakajima looked at Yamada and he saw how guilty Yamada felt through his face expression. 

" Yama-chan... It's not your fault you know... " Nakajima said as he pat Yamada's back.

" I feel so bad.... I took away Okamoto-kun's friend.. " Yamada replied.

" No... We're still friends and we will forever be friends! Now let's get Chii and chase after Okamoto! " Nakajima stressed out and pull Yamada out from his chair.


In the toilet, Chinen was washing his face infront of a giant mirror and as he splashes the water to his face, he began to remember his past-time with Okamoto. They did almost everything together, they went to school together, they even ate at the same table, they were almost inseparable. 

" How can I forget... Keito...... " Chinen punch the sink with anger and suddenly, he felt someone touching his shoulder.

Chinen turned around and saw Yamada standing behind him with Nakajima.

" Chii~ Daijoubu... We'll make things right.. We always do.. We're members of Hey! Say! JUMP and we stick together always! " Yamada said to Chinen.

" Yeah! Everything's gonna be allllriiiight~~! " Nakajima said.

They exit the toilet and walked out the restaurant. Crowds were already gathering for the Christmas Fireworks that was schedule a few hours later. They looked for Okamoto through the crowds but it was useless, he was no where in sight. Suddenly, Chinen remembered something,

" Yama-chan, Yuto-chan, I think I know where he is. Meet me at the park where we used to play at as Juniors. " Chinen said and ran quickly.

" Let's get the others.. " Nakajima said to Yamada.

" Okay.. " Yamada replied.


Upon reaching Ueno Park, Chinen ran towards the place where he and Okamoto used to sit at and watched the night sky above. He ran as fast as he could and after a while, he leaned himself against a tree. Chinen searched for his inner strength and kept running. Finally, he reached the small hill that was located in the middle of the park near the lake and saw Okamoto laying down on top of the hill. Chinen sneaked up on Okamoto and without saying anything, he jumped on him.

" Keito-chan~~~!! " Chinen hugged Okamoto who was laying down and cried.

" Yuri.... I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said that at the shop... " Okamoto said as he tilted Chinen's head facing him.

" No.. I was at fault.. I forgot about you... You were right... We used to be close friends... We.. we.... " Chinen sobbed. 

" Yuri... Ochi tsuite... We're friends and I guess saying bye was a lil. over the line.. Hehe... " Okamoto pat Chinen's back and giggled.

About half-an-hour passed and both Chinen and Okamoto were laying down on the grass and looked up in the air. Chinen had never felt that kind of peace in his whole life, even with Yamada. Okamoto was indeed his best-friend and forgetting him was the biggest mistake that Chinen had ever done in his life.

" Ne.. Yuri... Do you remember our 13th birthday on 2006? We celebrated it at Fuji Q Highland? " Okamoto broke the silence.

" Yeah.. You postponed you're birthday from April to November.. That's the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me... " Chinen replied and turned his face to Okamoto.

Okamoto looked at Chinen and said, " Do you remember what we said that day? At Fuji Q? "

" Em.. " Chinen nodded and continued, " We promised to be friends forever and never forget one another.. But I broke the promise... I'm sorry Keito-chan... "

" Come on, get up... " Okamoto stood and stretched out his hand, offering Chinen help.

Chinen stood and pat his whole body to rid any dirt stuck on it and asked, " What is it? "

" Here.. " Okamoto handed Chinen a necklace, " Remember this necklace? We bought at Fuji Q and we made it our friendship charm. "

" Oh ya... " Chinen took the necklace, " I thought I've lost it... " 

" I found it in your locker at the hall last few months.. I didn't have the courage to give it back cause you practically, ignored me.. "

" I'm sorry Keito-chan... I won't lose it this time.. " Chinen wore the necklace and smiled.

As Christmas Eve drew closer, snow started to fall down from the skies. A snowflake fell right through the gap between Chinen and Okamoto and the two friends realized that the snowflake that fell had a very beautiful shape of two flakes being stuck together. Suddenly, they heard someone calling them. They turned and saw the BEST members with Nakajima and Yamada waving at them. The two of them waved back and that was when a loud bang suddenly appeared. All 9 members of Hey! Say! JUMP looked up and saw fireworks blasting away the silence of the night. They screamed Merry Christmas to one another. For Chinen and Okamoto, it was as if Santa Claus had given them a second chance in friendship and what was to become a Silent Christmas for Okamoto was now a White Christmas.


A/N : 
- OMG!! It's done!! It's done!! OMG!!!
- this is my worst piece yet.. i hope you guys enjoy.. :) 
- do leave a comment saying your opinion about the fiction.. :D 

23rd-Mar-2012 05:24 am (UTC)
*O* I'm speechless! O_O
I dunno what to say... just... it's nice.
:) everyone's a crybaby! haha!
but well, that's 7 :P
I love it, I love it, I love it!
Let's talk on FB more about this! ROFL! xD
23rd-Mar-2012 07:10 am (UTC)
That's worst for you?! OMG I love the story! It's touching ;) And, that was a new side of Keito for me, well at least in this fic :))) Haha!

~your fan :DD
23rd-Mar-2012 02:49 pm (UTC)
thumbs up :))
23rd-Mar-2012 03:53 pm (UTC)
so sweeet
23rd-Mar-2012 11:48 pm (UTC)
Niichan, me ish here.. Ahahaha.. I finally able to read it.. Hehehe.. Lol, this fic was quite touching i was not expecting it to be chiixkeito.. Ahahaha.. I really got struck by keito's speech there.. Lol.. Should i really call it speech? Ahaha.. Well his remark. The last part where best was suddenly there only showed how supportive they are ne? Ahahaha.. Over all it was nice, touching and cute... Ahahaha.. ^^v

Jem. Ahaha..
16th-Aug-2012 06:07 pm (UTC)
hey that's sweet~!!
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