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20th-Feb-2012 04:55 pm - Extremely Delicate!!
Cute Chibi
This morning FEDex came and sent me a package. Still being in my dazed situation due to the fact that I just woke up, I opened it slowly without realizing that it was from Japan. After a few minutes of dizziness, I came to senses and  realized that it was from Japan so I opened it quickly and there they were siting in the raper quietly like a newborn baby.. It's my SUPER DELICATE copy!! :D
I was so happy and I practically jumped of the bed and fell.. :P I opened the LE 1 and I saw the Super Delicate PV, and here's my opinion about the PV. ( The download link for the PV is at the end of this post )

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28th-Jan-2012 03:05 am - My Fandom!
Black & White
This post is entirely about my fandom! :)
If you guys don't mind, feel free to read here and share your fandom talk/info here. ^^.v

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Cute Chibi
Yaw!! This is the first time I'm doing a pre-order post.. =)
I hope I can get a few supports from my friends!! =D
So to anyone that wants to order Hey! Say! JUMP - Super Delicate, here are the details of the items.. 
The order form and RULES are stated below, after the product info.. =)
[please READ and UNDERSTAND the rules before ordering!]

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Cute Chibi
Hello!! Hehehehe~~
I haven't posted anything in my journal for awhile especially my fictions..
Well, I was kinda on hiatus.. I hope it's not to late to wish all of you peeps, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! =D
For a new year present, I subbed the NYC's latest single Wonderful Cupid.. =)
And it is in HD!! =D

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16th-Oct-2011 06:32 am - The Sacrifice
Cute Chibi

Title : The Sacrifice
Main Characters : Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri
Supporting Characters : Other Hey! Say! JUMP members & Other J-Artists.
Genre : Sadness, Friendship, Sacrifice & Loss
Rating : PG
WARNING : Contains Death Of A Member~

SUMMARY : Chinen was involved in an accident when he was crossing the street to take Yamada's wallet that fell on center of the street . Chinen was diagnosed with a broken ribs and the rib-cage had torn through his lungs and punctured his heart. The doctor told Yamada that the heart-bank and the lungs-bank were out of organs that were a match to Chinen's blood-type. Knowing that, Yamada was devastated and he decided to take the crucial decision which might cost his life.

Symbol Index : 
~~~~~ = Changing of timeline or place.
***** = Changing of timeline or place DURING A FLASHBACK.

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Cute Chibi
It was a normal morning, the time was 7a.m and as usual Japan's fashion district was filled with people walking with hasten pace trying to get to their work place. Student figures in school uniforms were also noticeable walking with even faster pace compared to the adults as they were trying not to be late for school.  While the streets were being busy with rushing civilians, rushing water flow could be heard from the bathroom in Chinen Yuri's penthouse.
The so called young vampire was taking his bath earlier than usual. He would never worry about time due to the fact that he already had all the time in the world. But this time he was taking his bath a bit earlier compared to the days before. Even Sawatari, his caretaker was shocked to see him waking up so early. In the bathroom Chinen was standing under the shower with his body leaning forward and his hand supporting his body from the front. He was in a deep state of thought. Chinen was thinking about what her majesty, Queen Hasegawa said to him the night before.Read more...Collapse )
30th-Sep-2011 03:55 am - The Confession
Cute Chibi
Title : The Confession
Author : Mehizaki92 )
Main Characters ( 
Pairing ) : Yamada Ryosuke X Chinen Yuri ( YamaChii Pairing )
Rating : NC-17
Genre : 
Friendship, Love, Romance & Boy Love ( a lot of Angst & Sex ! )
Summary :
 Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri were known worldwide as the sweet YamaChii couple. Some may think that they were close due to marketing strategies. The other some think of it as a real thing. Sadly no one really knows the truth. They were always together but Yamada was also hanging-out with the other members. That was why the rumors of them really in love were only rumors. But one day, Yamada found his courage to confront Chinen and admit his love for him. Chinen was shocked with the confrontation and things started to change......


It was a Saturday and every student in the whole of Japan were on holiday. For some of them it was not really a holiday especially for the JUMP members as they still had to attend to their normal practice. Their practice was longer than usual because it was a Saturday. During weekdays, their training would commence a few hours after school for at least one or two hours. But on Saturdays, their training was a few hours longer. It would usually be four to five hours. On  Saturdays, their training would be from 9.30a.m till 2p.m.Read more...Collapse )
Cute Chibi

Both Yamada and Nakajima were sitting side-by-side and they were praying as loudly as they could after both of them found out that Chinen was a vampire. They had never felt that kind of fear ever. Even the head-prefect of Aoyama High School was scared to death.

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Cute Chibi

It was recess and all of the students were on their way to the cafeteria for their lunch. As everyone were exiting the class, Nakamura caught a glimpse of Chinen's shadow as he was heading out. She can't seem to figure out why but she had this urge of following him to wherever he was going. She followed Chinen and suddenly at the end of the alley, Chinen turned quickly. Nakamura hastened her pace and as she reached the turning, she couldn't seem to find Chinen anywhere. Suddenly...

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15th-Sep-2011 09:27 pm - Tale Of A Young Vampire : Prologue
Cute Chibi
The sky was grey and windy as teenagers are getting ready for school. Sounds of water running in the bathroom could be heard almost in each houses in the area. Chinen, the young vampire has also woke up from his slumber. With the blinds blocking any sunlight from entering the room he quickly look for his necklace. A necklace that has a cross hanging infront of an ember crystal. The necklace was a very special piece of jewelry for him because it was the main reason why he could walk under the sun. He wore the necklace around his neck and took his bath quickly.

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