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Irashaimase! This is a few things about me that would make it easy for you guys to approach me. Don't worry! I'm friendly, or am I? :p

Born Japanese Nickname : Aki / Yuzaki
Designer / Author Name : hizaki92
Gender : Male

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[download] Hey! Say! JUMP - JUMP World 2012
Cute Chibi
Hello hello hello!! :D
Sorry for being on hiatus for a very long time!! :'(
For an apology, I'll share with you guys something that I think we've waited for a long time.. :D
I'm sorry for the late post too..
Mediafire was being a dick with me... >,.<"
It took me hours to upload this dvd...

Look what the postman dragged into my house today(November 8th, 2012).. ^^.v

Yeah!! This is Hey! Say! JUMP's latest DVD.. :D
The JUMP World 2012 Concert!!
Well, to be honest I was at the Hong Kong Concert, so it was not really a surprise to see part 2 of the dvd... :P

Owh! Here's one photo from Hong Kong.. ;)

Anyways, enough with the babbling..
I'll just give you guys the download link.. :)

But before that, there are some RULEs you need to follow..
  1 - NO UPLOADING to STREAMING websites..
  2 - NO HOTLINKing my links..
  3 - NO RE-POSTing without my permission.. <-- Important -->
  4 - NO SUBBING without permission!! <-- Important -->
  5 - CREDIT ME if I allowed you to sub the videos..

If I found out that someone broke my one of my rules, I will NOT post any download links anymore!!
For those that wants to sub this concert or any of my raw videos, feel free to leave a comment here.. :)
Don't worry, I'll usually say yes.. :D Or just mail me at yuzaki_gallery@hotmail.com

Before the download links, I'm gonna teach you how to combine the separated files into 1..
I've separated the files using HJSplit and with that said, you need to have HJSplit to put them back together..
You can HJSplit here :: Mac Version || Windows Version
For the booklet, I've compressed it into one file using Winrar..
I don't know how to explain this but just download the software I'll provide below and you'll be fine..
But normally every computer will have this automatically, but if you don't, just download it through my links.. :)
Download Winrar here :: http://www.win-rar.com <-- For Mac & Windows -->
- For choosing Windows or Mac OS, click on the platform link located in the page and click search -
The videos that I've uploaded are all .mp4 files..
So to make it easy, you guys can play it using VLC Player which plays almost every type of videos..
Download VLC Player here :: Mac Version || Windows Version


p.s ::
- don't forget to leave behind a thank you.. :) 
- you can leave it here or at my blogspot.. :D 

Lots Of Love,

Copyright© 2012, belongs to Yuzaki's Gallery
Copyright© 2012, original videos belongs to Johnny's Entertainment

Hey! Say! JUMP, Asia Tour, Concert Goods (Hong Kong) -CLOSED-
Bathing Chii
Hello people~~ :D ♥ 
As most of you may know, my(our) favorite group, Hey! Say! JUMP is making their first Asia Tour Concert this year and for now the confirmed venues are Japan and Hong Kong. 
I will be attending the Hong Kong concert and I will be opening a pre-order for the concert goods.
I will be attending the 27th May, 8.00p.m concert which is on Sunday.
Before I set the deadlines, I will state the items and price first.

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NYC - Haina Downloads [MP4 & MP3]
Cute Chibi

Halo people!! ;)
Today, the 25th of May 2012, I received my copy of NYC's new single, Haina! So, like always. I will share with all of peeps out there!! :D

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A White Christmas
Nose Picking
Title : A White Christmas
Main Characters : Chinen Yuri & Okamoto Keito
Type : One-Shot
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Friendship

NOTE : This fiction has nothing to do with neither the living or the dead. It is 100% fan-made.

SUMMARY : On the night of Christmas Eve, Okamoto told the truth to his bandmates. Leaving Chinen stunned with the truth told. What will this Christmas be for both Chinen and Okamoto?


Blue skies were not in sight as a blanket of grey clouds was covering them. The weather was bitingly cold accompanied by tiny raindrops. People were seen wearing thick layers while holding a cup of warm water to help them fight the cold weather. Not far from Central Fashion District of Japan, stood Johnny's Entertainment's rehearsal hall. Amazingly, on the night of Christmas Eve, the hall was still being used, and the band that was using them was no other than the currently uprising band, Hey! Say! JUMP.
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Journal MasterPost!

Well.. To make it easy, I recreated journal's masterpost. So instead of having a lot of masterpost(s), I'll just combine it all into this one masterpost. So this will be my Journal Masterpost. All of my journal's contents will be stated here.. =D Remember! Some are friends-locked.. *especially the subs I made* So.. It's easy to be friends with me.. Just click here and follow what is stated there.. So.. Here it goes.. =D

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Johnny's CalendarS!! ♥
Cute Chibi
Today March 12th, 2012, my calendars arrived to my hands!! :D 
I was sleeping soundly cause I had no work today when I was disturb by a very ugly sound car-hon. :|
I looked outside and I saw the fedex van again.
This time I got charged with duty taxes too and it was MORE EXPENSIVE THAN BEFORE!! :|
Why are you charging me government?! :'( *cries*
So I'm sharing it with you guys!! :D
For those who wants to trade, leave a comment and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.. :D ♥♥
Actually I have ALL of the cards.. *lol*

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Arrival Of SUMMARY 2011 [D/L]
Cute Chibi
Konbanwa minna!! ♥ ♥
Today ( Wednesday, 7th March 2012 ),  I received my Hey! Say! JUMP - SUMMARY 2011 DVD.. :D Yay!!
Well, it was like this. I went to work as always and then, a Fedex guy came in the shop and asked for me. So I asked why and he said that he had a package. Before I received the package, they asked me to pay a duty charge.. :| *LOL!*
Anyways, after I received my package, I opened it and there it was! My Hey! Say! JUMP - SUMMARY 2011 DVD!! :D 
So, being the nice guy I am... I am sharing the DVD video with you guys!! :D And girls.. ;P

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Aniki // Big-Brother
Cute Chibi
Title : Aniki // Big-Brother 
Author : hizaki92 (me)
Pairing : Chinen Yuri X OC
Genre : PG-13

SUMMARY : Chinen Yuzaki and Chinen Yuri were brothers with the ages 17 and 14. They have been living together since their parents died in a car accident a few years back. The court wanted to appoint Chinen to a foster family but Yuzaki pleaded so that he could take care of his brother. At first, the court refused the his pleading but eventually gave him the permission to take care of Chinen with condition that Yuzaki must report back every month to the court with their financial expenditure. But one day....

Important Note :
To avoid any surname problems, Chinen Yuzaki will be called Yuzaki and Chinen Yuri will be called Chinen. The other names will be describe with their respective surnames. :) 


" Yuri! Get your ass down here!! You're gonna make both of us late!! " Yuzaki shouted to his younger brother Chinen who was upstairs.

" Matte aniki! I haven't finish doing my hair! " Chinen replied to his brother from upstairs.

" One day I'm gonna kill that kid~~ " Yuzaki thought to himself followed by a facepalm to his forehead.

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Let's JUMP around .mp3(s) guys!!
Cute Chibi
    Okay, before this post, I've already posted the video for Hey! Say! JUMP's Super Delicate right? This is post is now for the other songs that were on the Regular Edition. Yup! It means, I'm sharing with you guys the JUMP Around The World and Succeed by Hey! Say! JUMP!! :) 
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